HIU sizing - UK compared to Europe District heat the Nordic way

25th October 2022 11:00 am

There are many types of heat sources for District Heating. But the principals are the same in general design when it comes to heat transfer using a Substation or Heat Interface Unit. We are going to look at proven design principals with which we have helped customers worldwide by producing highly efficient Heat Interface Units and Substations.

District heating offers the promise of a smart solution for the supply of low-carbon heat to homes, businesses and public buildings. There is a growing case being made for expansion of these heating networks. A recent report from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) suggested that by using low carbon fuels they could potentially meet almost half of UK heat demand, while reducing national decarbonization costs by up to £3billion.

The UK is now a net importer of natural gas, and this has been a factor that has generated further interest in district heating as a means of providing greater energy security.

If done properly this approach to heat will also bring carbon reduction, benefits to the local economy, and reduced fuel bills for end users (including householders).

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