IET - Technology Advancements in Lightning Protection - De ionisation

18th October 2022 6:00 pm

Lightning is a natural phenomenon, every day it is recorded that there are some 8 million lightning strikes across the world, whilst spectacular to watch.. there is the life-threatening and asset damage that lightning can cause to people and assets… on land and at Sea daily. Nikola Tesla the brilliant inventor and Electrical engineer… was fascinated by lightning and the electrical field… over 100 years ago he invented a way to stop a lightning strike by De-Ionising the atmosphere and patented his invention, Tesla in his brilliance suggested that the Franklin rod was a danger to society and that you do not need to attract the strike…. if you de-ionise the atmosphere in a protected Zone… the conditions for a lightning strike could not occur within the electrical field. In this lecture we will discuss the formation of lightning, lightning protection technologies.. and the advancement in protection that does not allow the conditions for a lightning strike to occur in a protected region, even in the most severe storm. Therefore, protecting assets, people from the danger of lightning… Case studies will be presented across multiple assets and how today many companies are moving to the de ionising patented technology that compensates the electrical field to protect against lightning strikes .

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