ICE - Protecting the physical and digitally engineered world

27th September 2022 6:00 pm

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Physical and Personnel protective security advice.

Part of the national security apparatus, CPNI has a long history of providing advice on securing critical infrastructure and working with the police to advise on the protection of crowded spaces and publicly accessible locations.

This session will show how threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated by forethought and proportionate countermeasures that enable, rather than inhibit, the desired innovation.

CPNI’s work also covers securing sensitive technologies, digital engineering, open data initiatives, advanced manufacturing processes, automotive and intelligent transport system security and embedding security into the development of smart city initiatives.

CPNI sponsors, authors and contributes to numerous standards. The organisation has developed boilerplate and bespoke terms for commercial use to help instill security-mindedness and security practices in the supply chain. A host of extra guidance and templates are available on their website.

The speaker is a UK Government Security Advisor.

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