IChemE - Digital Twins for Decarbonisation

15th September 2022 9:00 am

Industry is looking to adopt digital twins to effectively manage and optimise operations, to design production for improved quality and emissions and energy consumption, while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

The process heat or the thermal energy used in the chemical process industries has until now not been optimised in many industrial plants. However, process heat is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. There is a consensus it requires disruptive decarbonisation, electrification, and exploiting and supplementing renewable resources to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions - with many jurisdictions having a goal of net decarbonisation.

We urgently need to re-engineer the way we use, convert and provision energy for process heat. In this webinar we describe work on the use of a smart, systems approach to address this decarbonisation challenge based on three pillars – advanced energy digital twins, advanced thermodynamic cycles, and localised smart grid technology.

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