IChemE - Meeting the challenges of AI - An introduction for engineers

11th August 2022 12:00 pm

Familiarisation with current Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, dispelling of myths and exploring the way forward. What does AI technology mean for engineers: are there any pitfalls? how can we leverage AI? can we steer ourselves towards a healthier relationship with AI technologies?

Main Discussion points:

  • Introduction to the speaker and their (recent) involvement with AI systems
  • Examples of various AI systems in development and deployment/use around the world
  • Misconceptions of AI & basic intro into the science/engineering (neural networks, machine learning (ML), patterns of failures, validation and performance evaluation is often not black and white)
  • Pros & cons of using AI solutions and tools
  • AI in Engineering: how could AI affect our work and day to day experiences? what are some of the problems facing engineers and software developers when creating or validating AI systems? how can we work together to help ensure the future of AI in our society is fair, respectful and adds value to many peoples lives?

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