BCS - Cybercrime Forensics taster session

24th June 2022 12:00 pm

Providing guidance on how to develop a career in Cybercrime Forensics - aimed at those desiring a career change , students and teachers, identifying skills, standards and how to obtain them.

The office of cybersecurity and information assurance estimates cybercrime is worth 27 billion pounds a year in the UK alone. These crimes ranged from online fraud, espionage and IP theft. In cyber forensics, it is our job to determine what actions a person has taken leading up to the event and identify who is responsible.

Andrew will be giving an introduction to cybercrime forensics and highlighting its importance in our society. Cybercrime forensics is a vast area with very different jobs that require different sets of specific skills. However, common soft and technical skills needed between the areas are highlighted, along with widely available resources to help you succeed in this career path.

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