IET - Latest Development and Applications in Maritime Traffic Management Systems

23rd June 2022 7:00 pm

Pieter will share the latest development in maritime traffic management systems in Hong Kong. Pieter’s team supplies the 2nd and the current 3rd generation Vessel Traffic Services Systems (VTC) to the Marine Department of the Hong Kong Government. Pieter will demonstrate how VTC was built to reinforce Hong Kong’s position as a world-class shipping hub and an international maritime centre.

Programme Highlight

Maritime transport is the primary link in the global logistical chain. Not only are the world’s seas and waterways a transport highway, but they are also a natural resource for food, raw materials and energy, etc. Maritime traffic management systems are essential tools to support authorities, shipping industries and service providers to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of transport over water.

Pieter will share the event technology behind the systems, current applications in Hong Kong, and latest trend and development of maritime traffic management in the world.

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