BCS - Using neuroscience to get traction in project delivery

23rd June 2022 6:30 pm


Carole Osterweil, Founder, Visible Dynamics


18:30 - Webinar starts with BCS & CMI/IC notices
18:40 - Speaker’s presentation, questions & discussion
20:00 - Webinar ends


In recent years Carole Osterweil has delivered several very popular and highly practical talks about applying neuroscience to IT projects for the BCS Consultancy Specialist Group. She has agreed to present again in 2022.

Her session coincides with publication her new book, Neuroscience for Project Success: why people behave as they do

For those who could not attend her previous talks, Carole will review the core practical insights for consultants and project managers from the field of neuroscience. For those who attended her previous talks, she will provide a useful refresher and an update on recent developments.

Getting traction in project delivery remains one of the toughest challenges in organisational leadership - and it’s not helped by skills shortages, inflation, and the long tail of the pandemic.

In this highly engaging and interactive webinar Carole will explore:

  • how the brain works – or what we know about its workings so far - and what that looks and feels like for us on IT projects, in teams and individually.
  • how the lack of traction impacts behaviour and decision making - and what we can do about it

Her aim is to share key advances in her own research and practice and to use this as a platform that encourages you to reflect on your own situation and experiences, and to consider the implications - for you, your projects, and your profession.

Carole is a thought leader and author in this field, and this will be an evening well spent for anyone involved in project delivery or change. You will go away with insights to apply immediately in your practice.

The event has relevance to all those involved in IT or business or consultancy projects at all career stages from student to seasoned professional. The materials are applicable to all sectors and internationally.

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