ICE - Soil mixing technology in practice – asbestos contaminated slope stabilisation

22nd June 2022 12:00 pm

Colin Critchlow Director of Deep Soil Mixing Ltd will explain how soil mixing technology can be utilised on road construction through to dealing with contaminated and poor quality ground, flood alleviation and slope stabilisation.

He will in particular highlight how this has been done using an in-depth look at a case study in Calderdale. Deep Soil Mixing Ltd were approached by Calderdale Council and their consulting engineers to put forward a scheme for the stabilisation of a hillside and asbestos fibre encapsulation.

The project comprised in-situ stabilisation of historic landfill material and underlying overburden deposits situated on a slope adjacent to, and uphill of, Scout Road, Calderdale. Removing the contamination was a major issue for the council from a cost, environmental and time perspective so Deep Soil Mixing Ltd worked to find a solution.

In the seminar we will take you through how we approached this project.

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