IChemE - Hydrogen Value Chains: Whole-systems Analysis and Optimisation

9th June 2022 9:00 am

Hydrogen has a crucial role to play in the transition to net-zero, complementing and supporting higher penetrations of renewable electricity by providing load balancing, energy storage and sector coupling. Many hydrogen technologies are ready for deployment, but a challenge is establishing robust value chains to create and support strong and reliable supply of and demand for hydrogen.

Value chains are networks of processes or activities required to obtain raw materials and/or primary resources and convert them into useful products and services, along with logistics such as distribution, storage and inventory management. The Value Web Model (VWM) is a large mixed-integer optimisation model that can determine the best combinations of the many interdependent decisions regarding the planning, design, and operation of value chains.

We will present the applications of the VWM in determining the roles of hydrogen technologies, such as power-to-gas and hydrogen injection into gas grids, gas linepack, CCUS, underground storage (eg salt caverns, depleted oil and gas fields) etc in achieving net-zero.

We will discuss how value chain optimisation can be used to analyse energy policy scenarios, and outline on-going work on designing hydrogen value chains for energy-intensive industries (eg steel), aviation and shipping.

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