BCS - Quality on time - Delivering the right results at the right time

23rd May 2022 6:00 pm

If space engineers learnt to deliver a great satellite on time, couldn’t you?

We will show how the Evolutionary Planning Technique allowed them to deliver one day before the deadline, rather than the expected one year late. If you have teams of great software developers, perhaps they can also use the same approach to deliver even better in much less time.

About the speaker

Niels Malotaux (niels@malotaux.eu) is an independent international Project Coach and expert in optimizing organizational, management, project, and team performance. He has some 45-year experience in designing electronic and software systems, at Philips Electronics, 20 years leading an electronic systems design company, and since 1998 helping projects to deliver Quality on Time: delivering the Right Results at the Right Time, enabling customer success. From time to time he still develops electronic products for clients, which allows him to understand the pitfalls of developers first hand.

Since 2001 he taught and coached well over 400 projects and teams in 40+ organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Germany, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Poland, Romania, South Africa, the UK and the US, which led to a wealth of experience in which approaches work better and which work less well in practice.

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