IMarEST - Decarbonising Shipping. Reducing Green House Gas Emissions

19th May 2022 7:15 pm

Hybrid lecture hosted by the Devon & Cornwall Joint Branch RINA/IMarEST.

About the event:

The IMO have set a target to reduce greenhouse gases from shipping by 50% by the year 2050 or sooner. This is from a baseline of 2008. This talk will cover the three basic approaches by the IMO these being:

  • Improved efficiencies in ship design and operation
  • Low or zero carbon fuels
  • Scrubbing of exhaust emissions

The talk will start by defining the nature and size of the problem. It will then go on to show the required improvements to ship design and operational efficiencies, measured in grams of carbon per ton mile, in the three stages defined by the IMO.

There has been much speculation regarding low and zero carbon fuels. The talk will show the benefits and the major challenges associated with methanol and ammonia as alternative fuels.

The final part of the talk will explore the potential role exhaust scrubbing, of all types of exhaust gases. has in contributing to overall emissions.

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