IStructE - Component-based finite element method (CBFEM) for steel connections & members

18th May 2022 9:00 am

The course, in collaboration with IDEA StatiCa, is aiming to give the participant an overall understanding of the basic principles & methodology of CBFEM - a breakthrough technology for the design of steel connection & members.

  • Complex geometries and load cases

The FE engine allows a designer to analyse a variety of topologies without restriction, in a time-efficient manner. This permits iterative design and optimisation of the final connection.

  • Realistic behaviour of components

Additionally, modelling the various components realistically provides greater insight to how the joint will behave and limits the simplifications imposed by guidance for joint design.

  • Code-compliance

Finally, the inclusion of resistance checks allows the final joint to be code-compliant regardless of complexity, by checking the behaviour of each component individually and in accordance with guidance.

The course is aiming to give the participant an overall understanding of all the basic principles & methodology of CBFEM, but also practical knowledge on the use of the CBFEM through the IDEA StatiCa software and various examples.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the CBFEM method
  • Overview of basic CBFEM components (plates, welds, bolts, etc)
  • Advantages over the standard Component method
  • The importance of loads in equilibrium
  • How to use the buckling & stiffness analysis
    Practical application of CBFEM in steel connections & members

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