ICE - How and why railway safety has improved since the Clapham Junction Rail Crash

4th May 2022 6:30 pm

Robert Knapman joined the railway one week before the Clapham Junction rail crash happened. In this webinar for ICE Wales Cymru WW & SC Club, he will explore some key questions arising from the accident.

How did this crash affect safety on the railway? What other accidents and incidents over the last 33 years have affected the way the railway operates? Have the outcomes from investigations improved railway safety or have the public enquiries change things for the better? Has public opinion, including survivor groups, had a major effect on railway safety?

Robert will also outline his present role as a workforce health, safety and environmental advisor and discuss the strengths and weakness at Network Rail. To finish the talk, he will talk about the new Network Rail safety framework, part of which he completed for the Wales Route maintenance team.

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