ICE - Great Debate 2022 - The Future for Residential Heating

16th March 2022 7:00 pm

The UK government has published its Heat and Buildings Strategy, a plan to replace fossil-fuelled heating like gas boilers with low-carbon technologies such as heat pumps. This is a comprehensive and groundbreaking strategy that flags a range of complex issues involved in solving a problem like decarbonising heat.

Natural gas boilers are seen as one of the biggest barriers to the net zero target — they produce 58.5 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, compared to 27 million cars emitting 56 million tons annually, the National Housing Federation says.

With a ban on new build natural gas fired domestic boilers not far off, there is considerable uncertainty about what will happen and what the best options are for individual circumstances. The aim of the legislation is to reduce emissions that are driving climate change but will it actually achieve this purpose? What is needed in the way of guidance and incentives to achieve the underlying objectives?

The aim of this year’s Great Debate event is to update the audience on these issues and to provide a forum for those attending to ask questions of the experts.

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