IES - Edison vs Tesla…who was really right? The Evolution of the Smart Grid for the 21st Century

15th March 2022 6:30 pm

Over 140 years ago the principle of distributing electricity using Alternating Currents (AC) was adopted and Nikola Tesla declared the winner of the ‘Current War’. Fast forward to the current day and the discussion has never been more relevant with electrification of transportation and heat forecast to place increasing pressure on an already stressed and ageing electricity distribution network. The estimated cost of addressing this is in excess of £50 Billion and threatens to de-rail the government aspirations for de-carbonising the economy in the timescales set.

The realisation of these enabling Low Carbon Technologies being Direct Current (DC), set against the back drop of the AC distribution network lacking sufficient dynamic capacity, re-opens the discussion of establishing capacity using DC distribution, but on a more localised scale. Alleviating capacity constraints and increasing energy efficiency are two resulting benefits of such an approach, which through the creation of smart networks can unlock the low carbon economy, providing also incentives for systems operators, users and consumers alike.

Dr Nigel Jakeman, Engineering & Business Development Director at TPS

Nigel is Chartered Engineer, holding PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield and with over 25 years experience in design, realisation and commercialisation of innovative Power Electronic and Electrical Machine products. He joined Turbo Power Systems in 2014, having previously fulfilled roles art Cummins and GenDrive, where he has been responsible for engineering delivery and new market product strategy, including the realization and exploitation of its Smart Grid power electronic products.

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