IMechE - Well decommissioning

16th February 2022 12:00 pm

Decommissioning is one of the most critical phases in the life: it can be as expensive as drilling and completing the well in the first place. This presentation will give a general understanding of the major issues which must be considered and followed during the decommissioning process.

The webinar will cover applicable legislation, general principles and basic requirements which need to be met. A review will be carried out on what is required from the data search and geology review. Attention will then be paid to what to consider when planning the decommissioning and what is required to verifying the individual casing and annulus barriers. There will be a discussion of what is possible using conventional and through tubing operations and limitations of these techniques. The talk will conclude with a quick review of the factors to consider in future use of the reservoir and an online question and answer session.

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