ICE - The mosquito, the elephant and the House of Lords Water Management Inquiry, Pontefract

15th February 2022 10:30 am

The Science and Technology Committee of the House of Lords held an inquiry into water management in England and Wales in 2005, reporting in 2006. This was due to public concerns at the time that water shortages were becoming a more common occurrence.

The talk will firstly outline the process of the original inquiry, evidence collection, including a trip to Australia, and the role of the Scientific Adviser. The findings and aftermath of the inquiry will be outlined, showing that such inquiries were of limited impact and at best were only an irritation to Government.

The second part of the talk will bring us up to date. Media and public concerns have focused recently on sewage pollution, and to some extent the behaviour of the private water companies in England and their regulatory framework. There is now an ongoing (informal) review of water regulation in England and Wales by CIWEM which has put the spotlight on to a regulatory system that the speaker argues is broken. What do we know now about the challenges of water management that we did not know in 2005/6?

The talk will be an opportunity for attendees to express their views on how best we can manage water in England and Wales into the future, given the severe challenges we face.

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