IChemE - The Measurement, Management and Control of Sustainability

11th February 2022 10:00 am

The shift from retrospective reporting to live monitoring and proactive engagement to enable sustainable operations.

Sustainability is moving from being an add-on peripheral activity to being at the heart of business strategy and manufacturing operations management across the process industries. Whole new job roles, organisations and business opportunities are emerging. But at it’s heart, managing sustainability is no different from managing all of the other things that we already know how to do, we just need to establish the standard for measurement, establish and clarify our objectives and outcomes, and understand what control levers have the most significant impact. This webinar aims to provide an awareness of the emerging standards around responsible production and how these will form the basis for a set of new decision support, control and optimisation capabilities at production facilities around the world.

This webinar is aimed at engineers and managers with an interest in understanding what they can or should be doing to prepare for and support their companies efforts to proactively address the sustainability challenge.

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