IChemE - ITM Power and the Development of the Global Green Hydrogen Industry

1st February 2022 9:00 am

The webinar will give a brief introduction to ITM Power and to the development of the global green hydrogen industry including global electrolyser target. The scale up of the industry and market activity will be discussed including industry sectors, project sizes and regions of the world with the greatest activity. The challenges of meeting industry growth including large scale electrolysis, manufacturing scale up and deployment will also be addressed.

This webinar is aimed at engineers and scientists working within hydrogen and clan energy. Academics, early career researchers, students looking to hear about the latest developments, widen their understanding around hydrogen projects and technologies. Business leaders looking to find out about the latest developments in green hydrogen and electrolysers. Early career researchers (in academia and business) looking to widen their understanding around the generation of green hydrogen. Final year students looking to widen their knowledge and understanding of green hydrogen technology and sectors.

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