IMechE - Geothermal Energy - its role in the Energy Transition

31st January 2022 11:30 am

Geothermal Energy- How will it support the drive to net zero? What opportunities will it create for individuals within the oil and gas sector?

This webinar will describe emerging methods for the extraction of energy from the geothermal heat that exists under all our feet – specifically the proposed development of several different types of closed loop geothermal systems with commentary on what has been achieved to date.

Closed loop geothermal systems hold great promise for the future because they are not dependent on the presence of hot water and steam in fractured rocks close to areas of tectonic activity. They can work in hot, dry rocks which means that they can be placed almost anywhere in the world. This will potentially allow geothermal energy, with its low GHG missions and high capacity, to provide reliable baseload electric power close to the point of use – anywhere!

The webinar will identify both similarities and differences between closed loop geothermal wells and the variety of wells that the oil and gas industry has learned to drill over more than one hundred years. The similarities that will be identified can be thought of as near-term opportunities for the oil and gas drilling industry to apply its skills, technologies, and people to this new and growing sector. The differences will identify challenges that will have to be overcome to be part of the transition.

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