IMechE - Hydrogen - its role in the Energy Transition

15th December 2021 11:30 am

This Webinar provides an insight into Hydrogen, its importance in the energy transition and the opportunities this creates for individuals working within the Oil & Gas and other sectors.

Following publication of the UK and Scottish Government Hydrogen strategies, this presentation will go through an introduction to the various types for hydrogen generation related to the many colours of hydrogen and try to give a generalized comparison of the different types in terms of the energy transition and commercialism. There will be a quick review of research with is being carried out on transmission and storage.

The second part of the presentation will look at the various employment opportunities which are becoming available as a result of this new energy transition. The gas industry has recently promoted Blue Hydrogen production from Methane gas which is the other side of the CCUS equation and is now viewed upon as critical to meeting Net Zero targets, but there are many more career opportunities starting to emerge related to the transition.

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