IET - Nuclear Fusion Technologies – Challenges and Opportunities

14th December 2021 12:00 pm

The webinar features two presentations;

Presentation 1: Spherical Tokamaks and Tokamak Energy Development for Faster Fusion

Spherical tokamaks (STs) have unique properties that make them especially attractive as devices for fusion power production compared to conventional tokamaks (CTs): in particular they can operate at high levels of beta (the ratio of the plasma pressure to the confining magnetic field) and relatively high levels of the self-driven “bootstrap” current. Experiments have also indicated that they may have enhanced energy confinement especially at the high temperatures where reactors will operate. Taken together these characteristics offer a potential to achieve fusion power in relatively compact devices and on a faster time scale than with CTs. Tokamak Energy, a privately funded company in the UK, has an extensive R&D programme to develop ST’s for fusion power production and has made great progress in recent years. In this talk, we review the special features of spherical tokamaks and we outline the Tokamak Energy approach to achieve fusion using these devices.

Presentation 2: Power infrastructure for fusion machines

Power Infrastructure is the backbone of any major fusion experiment. A perfect example of this is the Joint European Torus (JET), operated at the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s main site in Culham, Oxfordshire. It’s the largest operating tokamak fusion experiment in the world. The JET power supplies consist of around 3.5 GVA installed capacity of power electronics and AC distribution equipment; carefully shaping the power for the needs of the experiments. In this talk, we will explore the technologies which enable this significant installation of power infrastructure; and look to the future of what fusion power plants will need from their installed infrastructure.

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