TCPA - The Garden City opportunity - making it happen

9th December 2021 10:00 am

Across the UK there is a chronic shortage of affordable housing, and this housing crisis is damaging people’s life chances. At the same time, much of the new housing being delivered is badly designed and in places which lack the basic social infrastructure needed to make healthy and vibrant communities.

How can we meet the shared ambition to build the number of homes we need in places we can be proud of – places that will enhance people’s health and wellbeing and help resilience to climate change?

As communities and councils, we have a clear choice. Do we want people to live in soulless housing estates and – as has resulted from recent changes to permitted development rules – converted flats with no windows? Or do we want our legacy to be one of quality and inclusion in communities we can all be proud of?

The Garden City development model – a proven way of funding, creating and maintaining successful high-quality places is an important part of the portfolio of solutions required to achieve this. Councils are required to consider opportunities for new settlements as they consider growth options, and the Garden City Principles remain an important hook in national policy. A true ‘Garden City’ is a place created following the Garden City Principles, but developments at any scale can benefit from using this holistic approach.

Drawing on the TCPA’s Practical Guides and ongoing research programme, alongside experience from those planning and delivering new places, this webinar provides an introduction to the Garden City Principles, and outlines the key opportunities and challenges for their delivery. It will also touch on recent policy developments such as updates to National Planning Practice Guidance related to new settlements.

This introductory session is aimed at Councillors but will be useful for anyone involved in the planning or delivery of new or renewed communities.

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