IChemE - Gravity Energy Storage Technologies and Projects

30th November 2021 9:00 am

This webinar will showcase two different energy storage technologies in development - Gravitricity will describe their progress in the use of weights and winches to store electrical energy as potential energy; and SSE Renewables will give a project description and update on their Coireglas project (www.coireglas.com) together with an outline on how longer duration storage can advance the transition to net zero.

As the amount of intermittent renewable energy generating capacity, especially wind and solar, increases, the use of energy storage becomes increasingly important to enable excess power production to be stored ready for use when intermittent generators are unable to generate. This leads to a more secure grid and the potential for a lower level of spare generating capacity.

This webinar is aimed at:

  • Engineers and scientists working within decarbonisation/sustainability looking to understand more about gravity energy storage.
  • Academics, early career researchers, students looking to hear about the latest developments, widen their understanding around energy storage projects.
  • Business leaders looking to find out about the latest developments in gravity energy storage technologies.
  • Early career researchers (in academia and business) looking to widen their understanding around their energy storage studies.
  • Final year students looking to widen their knowledge and understanding of energy storage as part of their search for graduate jobs in the low carbon/decarbonisation/power sectors.

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