IChemE - Webinar: Understanding Data

17th November 2021 10:00 am

Data Analytics in the process industry: What we can and can’t do.

Is the process data historian a data graveyard or a treasure trove? We increasingly use production data to improve the performance of the process. The effort requires a viable business case as well as data repositories that align well with emerging standards.

This presentation looks at the business case of data analytics and how to get from data to information in the times of AI. There are high expectations towards what we believe we can find in the data. But reality often puts a spanner in the works. This presentation highlights what is currently achievable and what requirements need to be met to really get insight into the data. One answer to this are emerging standards and data repositories.

This webinar is aimed at plant managers, process engineers, process control engineers, academics. Colleagues who look at data to improve process efficiency and performance will get a fresh update of what is currently possible and what needs to happen to get the maximum benefit from data analytics.

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