Engineers Ireland -Energy Geotechnics Webinar Series: Geological Carbon Storage: Processes, Risks and Opportunities

8th October 2021 9:00 am

Due to the global energy demand and the relatively slow transition to sustainable primary energy sources, carbon-based fuels will remain our major energy source for the coming decades. In order to achieve climate targets, transition technologies are required to avoid or reduce CO2 emissions during this period. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is such a technology with a high potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and potentially even contribute to achieve a negative CO2 footprint (BECCS). Despite the emotionally charged and polarizing public discussion, geological carbon storage is back in the political focus and may be feasible with a reasonable price on CO2 emissions.

In the presentation our dependence on oil and gas will be discussed and the role of petroleum engineering in the transition to a climate neutral society. The focus will be on geological carbon storage and related technologies. In this context, relevant underground processes with regard to storage capacity and storage security are discussed. In addition, I provide insights into current scientific issues and the research interests of the Chair of Reservoir Engineering

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