CIBSE: Demolition – Operations, Technical and Design Aspects

7th October 2021 5:30 pm

Barry Menzies and colleagues will describe the technical, operations and costing aspects of modern demolition contractors, which are now involved in complex services decommissioning, showing how demolition is high-tech and tightly planned. Barry’s team will:

  • Raise awareness of unrecorded hazards and difficulties presented by services, structural loadings and fire;
  • Explain how modern demolition is meticulously planned, a series of calculated reverse assembly operations;
  • Mention flammable cladding, material substitutions, asbestos and structural failures;
  • Demonstrate how unrecorded and concealed design changes can defeat the objective of the Golden Thread;
  • Show how designers can promote health, safety, and protection of the environment through design risk reduction processes, in-process inspection and records.

Please note: The seminar will be recorded.

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