AFBE - Energy Transition: Aberdeen 2.0? What will Aberdeen look like in 2030

30th September 2021 5:00 pm

The Scottish Government has set an ambitious net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045 and continues to demonstrate its commitment to investing in the Energy Sector. In addition, the UK Government has pledged a £27m funding boost towards creating an Energy Transition Zone with the aim to transform the city of Aberdeen into a hub for cleaner energies. At a time where the Oil & Gas industry continues to face long term challenges coupled with continuous and rapid progress in new sustainable and low/zero carbon energy resources.

This panel discussion will seek to answer the question “Is Aberdeen ideally placed to capitalise on these new energy transition opportunities to diversify the region’s economic climate? ” It will explore Aberdeen’s role in meeting the challenges laid down by Scotland’s net zero ambition using its competitive advantage as the Energy Capital of Europe to radically transform its energy systems while promoting the UK’s sustainable and low carbon economy from 3 perspective : Local Authority, Academic and the Industry.

Listed in IES James Watt Dinner

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