ICE - Mersey Tidal Power Project, online

22nd September 2021 9:30 am

The Mersey Tidal Power Project can deliver predictable, long term, low carbon energy to the North West as part of UK Net Zero ambitions.

The project is in early-stage development with a considered timeline for achieving operations in 2030s.

As a Giga-Watt scale project, it offers the opportunity for a new generating asset that can be realistically deployed to harness the abundant marine energy from the Mersey.

The opportunity to build a first-of-a-kind UK project, close to the urban and port city demands of Liverpool, driven by a publicly-led intervention has the scale to kick start, add pace and ‘lock in’ Net-Zero deployments.

Our Project Director Martin Land, has over 30 years’ project experience across major energy and infrastructure roles including consenting, development and delivery of power projects and major rail schemes.

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