ICE - Managing Risk in Construction, Brompton Barracks, Chatham

22nd September 2021 5:30 pm

This event looks to exchange views in discussion of construction risk from the perspective of civil and military engineering.

From either perspective:

  • Risk is costly. At its most severe it is the cost of life and injury. The impact will subsequently be financial and reputational.
  • The cost of mitigating the risk increases as a project moves from conceptual design to execution.
  • The requirement is understanding of product, the clarity in process and the communication of design outcomes through people.
  • Today we have more information on product, on process. We have more and more rapid communication channels – the apparent virtue can easily become vice.
  • The designers’ ability to work through these to mitigate risk are frequently curtailed by limited programmes and budget.
  • Box-ticking then replaces professional risk management.
  • The professional has a morale obligation to design out risk; the ethic comes from the top of organisations. The key is leadership.

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