IRSE - Return to Rail... the challenge

1st July 2021 9:00 am

COVID-19 has changed the world like nothing before it. Our work lives, our home lives, our leisure plans, everything has been impacted regardless of where and how we live.

Almost overnight our public transport systems saw a massive drop in demand in many countries as commuters started to work from home and leisure travel stopped.

Shortly after the pandemic hit we saw a minor upturn in journeys being made, but many of those involved private road vehicles in order to meet government requirements for social distancing.

Now, as we take our first tentative steps towards the post-COVID world with many countries succeeding with their vaccine programmes, society needs the economic stimulus unlocked by travel if we are to return to something like we knew before.

Leveraging new technology and data analytics will enable us to improve service delivery and understand our customers better; provide passengers with agile, flexible information and deliver right time arrival for the best possible experience.

Through a diverse series of expert presentations, we explore what a return to rail means for the industry post-COVID, the things we have learned during the pandemic —and how placing the passenger’s needs at the forefront is essential to our success.

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