EI - Kilowatts & Kilobytes - The role of consumers in the digitalisation of energy

1st July 2021 7:00 pm

Not the news we wanted but we will be sure to hold our Wallacespace plans in the locker for the latter part of the year! For now, join us on MS Teams for a personal, interactive discussion with our 4 speakers who are eager to meet all the YP’s in our Network.

The energy system is undergoing a digital transformation, giving us consumers more insight and control over our electricity usage as well as opportunities to optimise how and when we use it, leading to cost savings and a lower carbon system.

This event will discuss energy digitalisation buzzwords - think Blockchain, IOT, time-of-use-tariffs, smart meters/smart homes, peer-to-peer trading, EV charge point roaming, data security and privacy, and so on. Digitisation given the TLDR treatment!

As our first consumer-focused event on this committee’s event roster, we aim to provide value to the audience by sharing ways each of us can get personally involved in and capture the benefits of the digital transformation of the energy system.

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