IET - Check my pulse! A new building air tightness test recently approved for use under UK Building Regulations

22nd June 2021 6:00 pm

Air leakage in buildings can account for as much as 1/3 of space heating demand, cause drafts and discomfort, and increase exposure to outdoor air pollutants. Yet, despite airtightness improving energy performance, it can result in indoor air quality issues. Therefore, it is vital we accurately measure the fabric air leakage of buildings to understand energy performance and ventilation.

Pulse technology is an innovative low-pressure air leakage measurement method. Developed over 13 years by the University of Nottingham and commercially licensed to tech start-up, Build Test Solutions (BTS).

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government recently confirmed that Pulse technology, under Future Homes Standard Part L1a, is an accepted method of airtightness testing. This talk covers an introduction to building air leakage and the application of the Pulse technology.

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