IChemE - Webinar: Steam Quality

27th May 2021 6:00 pm

The different steam conditions and typical applications; feedwater and its’ impact on steam quality, understanding the differences between steam quality and steam purity, design considerations and their impact on steam quality.

The webinar is aimed at:

  • design engineers
  • installing contractors
  • project managers
  • C&I engineers
  • commissioning engineers
  • quality engineers
  • process engineers
  • production managers
  • utility engineers
  • boiler house operators
  • carbon, energy and sustainability managers
  • health and safety managers.

You will gain a high-level understanding of how (un)reliable design, maintenance and operation of the steam generation system can impact on individual objectives.

This is an entry-level presentation, aimed at those who may have never interacted with a steam system previously, or who may benefit from a refresher. This is also a good foundation for those considering moving on to the remaining seven topics on the subject of steam in our suite of presentations.

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