The Hammermen of Glasgow - The Saracen Foundry

19th May 2021 6:00 pm

The Hammermen Talks

The Saracen Foundry of Walter Macfarlane and Co were the most prolific and important architectural ironfounders in the world. From humble origins, three successive generations of the family served as Deacons of the Hammermen and were part of an industry which until fairly recently has not had the recognition it deserved. Operating from three different sites across Glasgow, this firm supplied everything from rainwater goods to palaces for Indian Princes.

Dr David Mitchell will talk to us about this famous firm and their work.

David is Director of Conservation at Historic Environment Scotland where he looks after 336 properties in care and the technical research and education work that HES does. He was a founding Trustee of the Scottish Ironwork Foundation and has written several books on architectural ironwork history and conservation. His PhD Thesis tracked the evolution, growth and decline of Scotland’s architectural ironwork tradition. He is currently advising the Chinese Government on the conservation of an ornamental cast iron building in the Forbidden City, the former Imperial Palace of the Emperors in Beijing.

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