RAEng - Engineering in the climate emergency: how can technology work towards a just transition?

13th May 2021 5:30 pm

Reaching net zero carbon emissions will mean a managed transformation of society. Depending on how they are used, zero-emission technologies, economics and behaviours could worsen or improve issues like poverty, accessibility, health and community life.

Join the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Academy of Engineering in this evening discussion, bringing together expert engineers with perspectives from policymaking and social science to discuss questions including:

Can we rely on technology to fix the climate?

How can science and engineering work with politics and society to support a positive and just transition to net zero?

And are we kidding ourselves about how big a challenge we face in decarbonising the economy?

For more information, please visit the Royal Society of Edinburgh website.


Professor Sir Jim McDonald FRSE FREng, President, Royal Academy of Engineering


Professor Becky Lunn MBE FRSE FREng, Professor and Head of the Centre for Ground Engineering and Energy Geosciences, University of Strathclyde

Ragne Low, Head of Heat Planning Team, Scottish Government

Dr Leslie Mabon, Senior Lecturer in Social Science, Scottish Association for Marine Science, University of the Highlands and Islands

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