Newcomen- A G Michell (1870 – 1959) – inventor of the Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing

11th May 2021 6:30 pm

The tilting pad thrust bearing revolutionised ship propulsion – without it, modern shipping would not be possible. It remains one of the greatest inventions in lubrication science.

This talk reveals the story of Michell’s fascinating life and astonishing achievements, and the motivations of the man behind the inventions. It weaves engineering and technology into the

history of the early twentieth century. More specifically it covers how the thrust bearing was first invented, became accepted by marine engineers in the ship building industry, the founding of the Michell Bearings company in Newcastle, and Albert Kingsbury - Michell’s rival in America.

About the Speaker

Stephen is a mechanical engineer, originally from Australia, with a 30 year career in developing high technology products and is the co-inventor on four international patents. Stephen’s

fascination with Michell began while he was a student at Melbourne University; writing the book has been a fascinating journey of discovery spanning many years.

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