IMechE - “Acoustofluidic: The Applications of MHz Acoustic Waves”

8th May 2021 10:00 am

Microfluidic has becoming increasing important field in the last decade due to its ability for downward scalability, reduced sample and reagent volumes, and enhanced interfacial effects,

for wide-ranging applications such as chemical and biological sensing for point-of-care detection, environmental monitoring, drug delivery, and others. Nonetheless, due to its small

scales, many operations become notoriously difficult due to the dominance of viscous effects. Acoustofluidic, which is utilizing acoustic energy to drive these microfluidic operations, is one of

the effective techniques. Common microfluidic operations, that can be effectively driven by MHz acoustic waves, include microcentrifugation, micromixing, manipulation/separation of

particles/cells, micro-heating/cooling, atomization/nebulization. These high-frequency (MHz-order) acoustic waves can be generated via chip-size piezoelectric substrates. To ensure

the acoustic energy can be readily transmitted into liquids to drive different operations, surface acoustic waves—nanoscale amplitude electromechanical Rayleigh waves—are widely used as

the acoustic field is confined on the surface of these piezoelectric substrates. In recent years, we have explored some of the interesting applications that utilize MHz acoustic waves to

accelerate seed germination, enhance greywater treatment, nanofiltration, and generate plasma-activated aerosols. Thus, in this seminar, we will discuss some of the latest

development in these applications.

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