ICE - Shaping Zero: Decarbonising Rail

5th May 2021 1:00 pm

Rail is one of the most efficient modes of transport, moving high volumes of people into city centres and transporting people and freight over long distances.

With passenger demand expected to increase by more than half, it is essential to invest in rail modernisation - building capacity and network resilience - so that its potential to deliver clean economic growth and contribute to the transition to net zero carbon can be realised.

Much of the Northern Rail network pre-dates the modern electronics era and a significant programme of works is required to:

  • increase capacity and connectivity reduce journey times and carbon impact
  • reduce journey times and carbon impact
  • fully capture the benefits of recent investment in new trains

Focusing on decarbonisation, this webinar will explore some of the opportunities and challenges the industry currently faces together with what to look out for in the Northern Rail projects, including Northern Powerhouse Rail.

Justin Moss, Chair of Northern Rail Industry Leaders, and Tim Wood, Northern Powerhouse Rail Director will each give an overview of current industry activity. Susan Evans, Rail, Bridges and Structures Director, AECOM, will then discuss the role of consultancies in addressing decarbonisation in the design and delivery of rail projects.

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