ICE - Climate Change and NetZero– what are YOU going to do?

28th April 2021 12:00 pm

Come along for the 3rd of our three sessions on the role we – as engineers and individuals - can all play around Climate Change and working towards Net Zero.

Kevin Smith (Angus Council) and Dr Rebecca Wade (Abertay University) will host a panel of speakers who will share with us some of their views, practical suggestions and actions towards a commitment to #NetZero. The panel will include Dr Tara Shine (TV presenter, Policy advisor, Entrepreneur and Author). Tara will join us to help us understand how to make climate positive changes in every aspect of our lives.

Delivery of Net Zero is a world-wide responsibility. With 40% of all UK emissions linked to construction we all need to make it our business to meet the net zero challenge at work, and to make positive changes at home.

Join us to get informed and be inspired as we look at some of the big and small things we can do towards ‘shaping zero’.

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