EI - Hydrogen production – How safe is it?

31st March 2021 12:15 pm

Hydrogen production – How safe is it?

The safety of hydrogen not only in production but in its use is subject to much discussion.

With the green industrial revolution underway and gaining momentum, there is a lot of talk about hydrogen. Hydrogen not only for transport purposes but many other applications such as heating and powering our homes. Hydrogen is fast becoming part of the energy mix but, just how safe is production?

During this webinar, Alex Shields will explore thoughts surrounding:

  • emerging applications
  • hydrogen properties
  • ignition mechanisms
  • releases, dispersion, and ventilation
  • and will summarise that hydrogen is as dangerous as any fuel, just different.


Alex Shields joined CPH2 at the start of 2021 as the Process Design Manager. Responsible for the process safety of the CPH2 Membrane-Free Electrolysers™ and process equipment selection, drawings, and calculations. Alex previously spent 11 years at ITM Power in Sheffield, and as Product Design Manager, he managed the electrolyser and hydrogen refuelling station designs as part of the product design team.

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