Scottish Engineering - Brexit – “Keep it simple” Webinar with Alegrant

30th March 2021 9:00 am

Complexities of the post-Brexit trading environment are creating confusion amongst businesses so, in this webinar, we’ll keep it simple. Catherine Truel of advisory company Alegrant will look at Brexit solely from an engineering and manufacturing perspective and help participants identify and understand their customs obligations so they can keep goods moving across borders. Catherine will also share some best practices to easily adapt internal processes to the new requirements. The agenda for this informative session is as follows:

  • Contract terms and incoterms – Who is responsible for customs clearance, the supplier or the customer?
  • Commodity codes – What are the goods crossing the border?
  • Customs valuation – What is the value of the goods crossing the border?
  • Customs procedures and duty saving mechanisms – Why do the goods cross the border?
  • Determining origin, proof of origin (preferential/non-preferential) – How to use trade agreements.
  • Customs declarations and documentation – How are the goods declared at Customs.
  • Export controls and dual use goods – Do my goods need an export licence?
  • Northern Ireland special arrangements
  • Imports from July 1st
  • Grants available from UK government to build customs knowledge

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