RAeS - Aviation's Future, Known Unknowns, black swans and their signets, Sir Brian Burridge

25th March 2021 7:30 pm

Quite sensibly, the 2017 version of the National Risk Register placed pandemic influenza as having the highest severity of impact and the near highest likelihood of occurring in the next five years. Yet the severity of COVID-19 was seemingly a global surprise and is already subject to the human propensity to re-engineer the facts.

What is inescapable though is the profound impact of the pandemic on the aviation and aerospace sectors. While the economic scarring is becoming obvious, the longer-term effects on addressing the climate change challenge, embracing technological developments, and the changed career opportunities open to young people merit deeper analysis: perhaps the signets of this Black Swan. This lecture will examine the future trends in these three areas and seek to explain their interaction and cumulative effect.

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