ICE - Sustainability in the rail industry, online

25th March 2021 5:30 pm

Rail infrastructure-related carbon emissions are largely generated through ‘embodied carbon’ which represents the energy required to extract, transport and process raw materials, and manufacture them into products used to build, maintain and renew assets on the operational railway. Combined with carbon dioxide emitted during construction (transport, plant and equipment), these emissions are referred to as Capital Carbon.

The Rail Carbon Tool was developed to allow the UK rail industry to quantify its Capital Carbon impact so it can reduce it, acting as an enabler towards ‘low whole-life carbon, low whole-life cost infrastructure’.

Emmanuel will provide insight from a practitioner’s perspective, on using the Rail Carbon Tool and the challenges facing Network Rail to quantify and assess carbon in multiple scenarios including but not limited to, design option selection, business case justification, materials selection, and whole-life product performance evaluation.

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