IOR - Relief valve arrangements for CO2 refrigeration systems

4th March 2021 4:00 pm

Relief valve arrangements for CO2 refrigeration systems.

What you will learn: - 
 The unusual properties of carbon dioxide and their consequences.
 Why relief valves are fitted to refrigeration systems.
 Requirement of CO2 relief valves venting from an EN378 perspective.
 Considerations when designing relief valve venting systems

Andy Pearson FinstR, Group Managing Director, Star Refrigeration. Andy is one of the leading names in the refrigeration and engineering industry, and his work is world renowned. He is a respected voice in the sector and has edited books on ammonia and carbon dioxide for the International Institute of Refrigeration, as well as being a lead author for UNEP’s Refrigeration, Air
Conditioning and Heat Pumps Technical Options Committee from 2006 to 2014. He also contributes a popular monthly column to the ASHRAE Journal and writes extensively on subjects related to industrial refrigeration, particularly with regard to ammonia and carbon dioxide, safety, energy efficiency and system design improvements.

Steve Benton FInstR, Director, Cool Concerns. Stephen is a down to earth practical engineer with a vast range of experience and is owner and director of Cool Concerns. His refrigeration talents are many, from fault diagnosis and repair through understanding and interpreting complex standards to the development of RAC systems on flammable refrigerants. He is a time served apprentice who has learned by doing, asking, reading and googling. He sits on several European standards committees, helping to update and revise standards we use in the RAC industry.

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