IMechE - The application of AI design tools to ITER nuclear fusion reactor

25th February 2021 7:00 pm

Professor Nawal Prinja has 40 years of academic and industrial experience in the nuclear sector. He is the Technology Director of Jacobs (Clean Energy) and holds a position of Honorary Professor at four British universities (Aberdeen, Brunel, Bangor and Bolton). Currently he is working with WNA on Harmonisation of Nuclear Codes. He has been on IAEA missions to China, South Africa, UAE, Spain and Poland. He was a member of Technical Advisory Panel of Fusion for Energy for six years and continues to advise them as an expert. He was appointed as an advisor to the UK Government to help formulate their long-term R&D strategy for nuclear industry and continues to advise as a member of the Fusion Advisory Board of UKRI and Nuclear Propulsion Science and Technology Advisory Group of Ministry of Defence. He participates in a number of international committees notably the ASME code committee for developing new Plant Systems Design code and represents the UK at the Senior Industry Advisory Panel of the Generation IV International Forum.

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