Engineering Scotland - Innovation Lecture - Photonics in the Cloud - Dream or Reality?

10th February 2021 6:00 pm

Engineering Scotland

THE INNOVATION LECTURE 2021 - Photonics in the Cloud - Dream or Reality?  Prof John Marsh

Just as integrated circuits are built around electrons, photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are built around light. PICs integrate lasers, modulators, waveguides and detectors on a single chip, and with applications as diverse as communications, sensing, healthcare and quantum technology, they are perceived to be an essential technology of the future. The present day PIC market is dominated by telecommunications, driven by the data demands of the internet and the cloud. However, although PICs are cost effective in the long-haul network, there are major challenges in migrating them into the access network. Innovative technology and a high volume application are required to bring costs down, with data storage being perhaps a surprising driver. These topics will be explored in the Lecture.

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