Engineers Ireland - Novel Recycling Technologies

4th February 2021 7:30 pm

Engineers Ireland - Novel Recycling Technologies

Dr Frank Riedewald of Composite Recycling Ltd and Gavin Duffy of Pyro Recycling Ltd discuss Novel Recycling Technologies in this free webinar hosted by the Chemical and Process Engineering division with the IChemE all Ireland member group. Dr Frank Riedewald has developed and patented technology for the recycling of tyres, carbon and glass fibre materials, biomass and of metals from electronic circuit boards. Gavin Duffy has developed a proprietary (patent pending) plastic pyrolysis plant that converts waste plastic into an oil that can be used to make virgin plastic.

About the presenters

Dr Frank Riedewald - founder and CEO of Composite Recycling Ltd. Frank has over 25 years’ design experience including tyre pyrolysis, anaerobic digesters, thermal oxidisers, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical and chemical plants.

Former clients include Pfizer, Biffa, Cabot Carbon, GSK (China, Ireland & Poland), FMC, P&G, Henkel, Reichhold (Italy), Bluestar and Arch Chemicals.

Gavin Duffy - founder and CEO of Pyro Recycling Ltd. Gavin is a CIT Chemical Engineering graduate with over 10 years’ design and project management experience including the design of four plastic to fuel plants, a number of waste-to-energy projects and numerous projects in the energy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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