MIS - Drilling into mines for heat: the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow

3rd February 2021 6:00 pm

The Mining Institute of Scotland - Drilling into mines for heat: the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow -  by Dr Alison Monaghan MBE, BGS Edinburgh

Net-zero carbon targets require significant progress to be made in the decarbonisation of heat. Utilisation of the warm water in flooded, abandoned coal mines beneath many of the UK’s towns and cities could offer a substantial opportunity for decarbonised heating using a technology that is proved, but not widely realised. The UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow is an at-scale ‘underground laboratory’ of 12 boreholes, surface monitoring equipment and open data for investigating shallow, low-temperature mine water heat energy, heat storage resources and environmental change. The Observatory has started to enable a wide range of testing and monitoring for resource characterisation and long term utilisation of mine water heat, and environmental management. This talk will focus on drilling into the mine workings, hydrogeological testing of the resource and environmental monitoring at the Observatory.

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